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Research Resource

The Technology Transfer Office of the University of Gdańsk collaborates with external companies from various industries, due to the nature of the university, which disposes of the resources and highly qualified scientific staff in science (natural sciences, mathematics), humanities and social sciences.

The University of Gdańsk is the largest university in the Pomeranian region, a dynamically developing institution of higher education that combines tradition with modernity. Eleven faculties gather over 20 000, graduate and postgraduate students, who are taught by 1767 academic staff. Such fields of study as: biology, biotechnology, chemistry, oceanography and quantum physics are among the best in the country.

Highly qualified specialists at international level

The academic staff of the University of Gdańsk conducts world-class research not only by expanding the borders of acquired knowledge, but also by providing expertise and experience to the entire Pomeranian region and participating in its dynamic, modern development. As a result of evolving cooperation between science and the economy, a great number of interesting results of research and development work as well as professional evaluations and expert opinions are created at the University of Gdańsk. Thanks to the work of UG researchers, the university becomes a business incubator in fields such as biotechnology, biology or chemistry.

Joint research projects and scientific ventures are conducted within more than one hundred international agreements with foreign partners. More and more UG institutes, departments and laboratories are awarded the status of a center of excellence, which is a European quality certificate.

Academic Staff

Modern infrastructure

The largest group of University of Gdańsk students, employees and buildings is concentrated on the Baltic Campus in Gdańsk Oliwa. It comprises the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Languages, the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Law and Administration. It also contains the Main University Library, student dormitories, Rector’s Office and Central Administration building. The Campus has expanded in accordance with the long-term Investment Plan of the University of Gdańsk for the years 2011-2020. The expansion of the University of Gdańsk Baltic Campus, part of the dynamic development of the Three-City area in general, has completely altered the image of this district of Gdańsk.

The project “Construction of Buildings for the Faculties of Chemistry and Biology of the University of Gdańsk” has led to the construction of new buildings for these faculties. The total cost of the project amounted to 240 million PLN, of which more than 231 million PLN came from the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Fund (covering construction costs for both faculty buildings). The entire cost of construction for the Faculty of Biology, along with its equipment, came to almost 105 million PLN; whereas the Faculty of Chemistry construction costs reached more than 133 million PLN. All experimental sciences faculties’ premises feature modern research and teaching laboratories, lecture and seminar rooms, as well as auditoriums. The auditoriums’ modern infrastructure enables multi-session conferences. A technological hall was designed within the premises of the Faculty of Chemistry to facilitate performance of scientific research and classes in chemical and environmental engineering. This new building features also crucial universitywide lab facilities for physical and chemical measurements, which collect modern research equipment in one place. Construction of the new Institute of Biotechnology, completed in December 2015, was part of the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment. The total value of the investment was more than 60.5 million PLN, of which more than 60.4 million PLN came from the Program funds. The Institute of Biotechnology building is one of the most modern academic and research facilities in Poland. It has a surface area of 7,868.18 m² and comprises four floors above the ground and one below. It contains specialised laboratories, e.g. for bio-informatics or bio-molecular analyses, a filtron unit, an isotope laboratory, workshops for developmental research.

Achievements in the field of implementation by scientists from the University of Gdańsk were also acknowledged by external institutions. On the 29th September 2016 the University of Gdańsk was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit for the Employers of Pomerania. The university was appreciated “for active and effective activities implemented to facilitate tangible cooperation between the scientific and economic community”.

Why Us?

11 faculties
21 958 students
1 767 academic and scientific staff
177 779,91 m2 – the entire surface area of the university’s didactic and administration premises


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