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Technology transfer proces at UG

October 2017

1. Identification of research projects

Monitoring research projects and research results with commercial potential by the TTO UG.

Researchers contact the TTO UG in order to obtain information on the commercialization process of the scientific solutions developed at the UG.

2. Project submission form to the TTO

In order to commence commercialization process, it is necessary to submit a project submission form to the TTO.

Note: Do not disclose the essence of the solution before submitting to the TTO.

3. Evaluation and selection

Assessment of the invention patentability. Identification of the status of the intellectual property rights. Evaluation of the status of work on the project.

4. Decision on commercialization and intellectual property rights protection

Patent submission. Protection of “know-how”. Preliminary plan of commercialization. Protection of the intellectual property rights by concluding appropriate contracts.

5. Preparation of the technological offer

Preparation of a brochure / promotional material for a specific solution. Evaluation of initial interest in the product.

6. Search for business partners

Customization of the offer to the needs of individual entrepreneurs. Active marketing initiatives – participation in trade fairs, contacts with investors, etc.

7. Valuation

Valuation is an inherent element of the commercialization process. The valuation process is required when the customer wishes to make a one-time purchase of intellectual property rights.

8. Negotiations between the UG and the potential recipient of the solution

Negotiations are conducted by the TTO UG employees in cooperation with the developers of the solutions (refinement of technical details).

9. License / Sale of the intellectual property rights OR spin-off company

Depending on the undertaken commercialization process – intellectual property rights might be sold, license granted or a spin-off company created. A spin-off company is an entity affiliated with the UG TechTransBalt Ldt.

10. Commercialization

This stage of the project comes down to monitoring work, monitoring timely invoicing of tasks, completing documentation and obtaining revenue.

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