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About the project

Three Pomeranian universities have received the Ministry of Science and Higher Education funding for pre-implementation work under the Innovation Incubator+ program. The grant application was submitted by a consortium composed of: the Gdansk Technical University, the University of Gdańsk, the Gdansk Medical University and the special purpose vehicle of the Gdansk Technical University – Excento Ltd. with support of the technology transfer centres of the beneficiaries. The project of 3 750 000 PLN in total will involve pre-implementation work, promotion of the scientific achievements of Pomeranian scientists and will reinforce the cooperation between scientific and business communities.

The partner universities have planned a.i. joint meetings with business representatives to present their technological offer, scientific research results or research services. The series of meetings will allow entrepreneurs select from a wide range of the technological offers of the three universities, which will create a great opportunity for collaboration between business and academic entities. At such meetings, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their needs for innovative solutions that will guide the research and development work of the various research teams.

The joint launch of the three largest Pomeranian universities in the Innovation Incubator+ program and the related activities will allow intensification of intercollegiate cooperation and strengthening the competitive position of Pomeranian research entities in the implementation of innovative solutions.

Innovation Incubator+ project is an interdisciplinary project of the Science and Higher Education Minister within the framework of the non-competition activity “Support of research management and commercialization of R & D results in scientific units and enterprises” implemented within the framework of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014- 2020 (Action 4.4).

In the knowledge economy, the emphasis on more intensive implementation of innovation to the economy results in the need to exploit synergies. Broadly understood cooperation between universities, the economy, self-government and organizations supporting the development of entrepreneurship can guarantee success in innovation and implementation of interesting projects, solutions or inventions created at universities. Innovation Incubator+ supports networking, common platforms for sharing experiences, places where researchers can undertake interdisciplinary research.

Karol Śledzik, University of Gdańsk

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