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UG’s spin-off company

Fermentum Mobile is a company that combines the experience gained from research with passion for biotechnology. Among the founders of the company are, i.a. graduates and employees of the University of Gdańsk. It is the first company on the Polish market established to research and produce liquid beer yeast. The company has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to maintain the highest standards of production. Fermentum Mobile owns a bank of brewer’s yeast breed cultures, currently comprising 16 strains from reputable research centers, i.a. from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain.

Every homebrewer will find something to their taste – Irish darkness, Belgian hills, Nails and bananas or Bavarian valleys – these are just some of the names of yeast strains, each of which represents the unique style and flavor of the resulting beverage. The company’s offer is used not only by the home-made produce fans, but also by the growing number of craft breweries. Already on the shelves of the best beer stores you can find liquor fermented with Fermentum Mobile yeast. The development plans provide for the introduction of additional analytical services for small and medium breweries that do not have their own laboratory facilities.

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The founders of QSAR Lab are, i.a. researchers at the Laboratory of Environmental Chemometrics, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Gdańsk. The company creates connection between science and business world and, using the scientific potential of the University of Gdańsk – a leading university in the region, offers companies and research institutions innovative services in computer modeling and in silico methods based on QSAR research methods.

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