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About Us

The Technology Transfer Office of the University of Gdańsk (TTO UG) operates on the universitywide level, combining science with the economy therefore provides services, advisory, information, training and promotion to the UG scientific staff.  The main task of the TTO UG is the commercialization of the research results and development work performed at the University of Gdańsk.  The TTO team is responsible for searching potential investors and organizing multiple meetings with the business representatives promoting solutions developed at the UG.

The TTO broker the cooperation between universities and institutions or individuals (searching for investors for solutions developed at the university). The TTO UG gathers and prepares university research potential proposal for entrepreneurs, and offers help to the scientific staff in the intellectual property rights management as well as cooperation with the patent attorney.

As a universitywide unit, which aims to popularize science and business collaboration, it seeks innovative technologies and solutions within the university, and helps to carry out the commercialization process of the research results.


  • Efficient support to the researchers in the process of the scientific research results commercialization as well as development work.
  • Marketing support and promotion of the scientific research teams’ achievements as well as promotion of the University of Gdańsk as a research center which provides scientific research results applied in practice.  
  • Raising awareness and knowledge about the commercialization process and technology transfer at the University of Gdańsk.


The Technology Transfer Office of the University of Gdańsk actively and effectively undertakes activities which enable tangible cooperation between the scientific and the economic communities.

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